RDD Miss Ace 1P “Wiggles”

Sire: RDD Destiny’s Ace
Dam: RDD Ms Bonus L467

Registration: 304809

RDD Hot New Wiggle 71U

RDD New Direction 1436R
Dam: RDD Wiggle 1P
  • Top 1% of the breed for CED & CEM!
  • Top 5% of the breed for BW!
    Embryos for Sale
  • DCL Mr. Rattle (a NH free son of RDD New Direction 1436R)
  • HIGG Remedy 732T (MEFC Addicted x Eagle Scout)
  • Redemption (Dirty Hairy x Cookie Monster)
  • K-Kim Baseline
  • Eye Candy
  • RDD Improver
  • Exact Science
  • Monopoly
  • Eagle Scout

HBSC Wiggle with a Vue

Sire: Plainview Lutton E102
Dam: RDD Wiggle 1P

Registration: 353260

  • Top 10% of the breed for WW & YW!
    Embryos for Sale
  • HIGG Remedy (MEFC Addicted x Eagle Scout)
  • Redemption (Dirty Hairy x Cookie Monster)

SULL That’s Foxy 7098T

Sire: DF Vegas
Dam: Who’s That 76J

ACA: 333188
ASA: AR43737

Mother of 2010 National Champion Shorthorn Plus Bull and 2010 Res. Champion Chianina Bull, Junior Nationals


Sire: SULL Salute
Dam: TSF Marrissa (MGS: Rockstar)

Registration: 4199261

  • Top 5% of the breed for WW & YW!
  • Class winner, 2014 NAILE Open Shorthorn Show

RDD Ms A Train M470 (BUSHS Money Train granddaughter)

Registration: 289434

  • Top 10% of the breed for WW & YW!
  • Plainview Lutton E102

HXC Foreman

Registration: 320507

  • Rockin Stud Duck 8124U

SLD Miss Night Train

ACA: 347093
ASA: 320507

  • SULL Salute
  • Redemption (Dirty Hairy x Cookie Monster)