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Raise the Standard

Online Bull Sale
February 22, 2023 | SC Online Sales

Welcome  to Sexton Cattle’s “Raise the Standard” bull sale featuring progeny of SXTN Empire 6S25D. We greatly appreciate your time to look through our ChiAngus and Chi offering, and invite those interested to attend our open house February 18-19. These Empire and Payweight sons were raised and bred to get rid of problems, not create them. Starting at 10% Chi blood and reaching nearly 17%, this group opens the door for a wide variety of breeding options for any cattlemen.


Empire is a high percentage ChiAngus bull who has laid the foundation to leave his legacy on the breed. At 20.37% Chi, he does a great job of making cattle that are going to be useful regardless of which avenue is your focus. The calves come with that extra shape and consistent style designed for today and tomorrow’s beef industry. To quote Dustin Hurlburt, CEO of the Chianina Association on a recent herd visit – “We looked at Empire-sired cattle from a week old to replacements in the heifer pen to first calf heifers with babies at side…they are good footed, smooth jointed, heavy muscled sound cattle.” Semen is collected and housed at Nichols Cyro Genetics. Sire to lots 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6.


Thanks again for your time and viewing.      

Lyle and Stephanie, Ty and Ashley

Lot 1 
Lot 1 SXTN Empire 2S25K.jpg


If I could justify sitting in Louisville for a week…for a $57 banner, this guy would have seen the bright lights, big city and green chips. Built for the long haul in structure and design. We seriously considered keeping him but the “non-related group” to use him on in our herd is too small so here he is, may use him anyway – HE’S THAT GOOD!


Will need a secondary BSE test.


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Lot 2
Lot 2 SXTN Empire 2S23K.jpg


The Empire calves come with a lot of consistency. This one is no exception – great look, lots of meat, capacity and a stunning set of EPDs to go with all of that. If you’re keeping females back, this guy gets a lot of things right on paper and in person. Dam was 12 when she raised this critter. Top 20% CED, top 10% WW, YW & Milk. Birthweight of 85# with the highest weaning ratio of the group at 111. REA of 14.24 and a very impressive 3.74 IMF.


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Lot 3
Lot 3 SXTN Empire 2S09K.jpg


Here’s another Empire son that is the thickest structured of the group relative to his frame. Very similar in design to the Lots 1 and 5 bulls… find this one if you are needing to add more consistency to your calf crop. Scurred. Top 20% YW and top 4% Milk.


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Lot 4
Lot 4 SXTN Empire 2S17K.jpg


This calf has had the look and design all along. When we heard of the Midland Bull Test opportunity for Chi cattle, this is 1 of 2 that we gave strong considerations for a road trip. Comes from a hard-working Cutting Edge daughter we snuck out of the record setting Trail’s End dispersal. Top 4% for WW, top 5% for YW.


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Lot 5
Lot 5 SXTN Empire 2S24K.jpg


Another well designed, no holes bull with a full brother from last year’s sale that is working hard in a commercial herd of a repeat customer. His mother puts one in the top cut every year. Consistency = money and he has it all together. Just an 83# birthweight.


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Lot 6
Lot 6 SXTN Empire 2S14K.jpg


This bull has the highest weaning weight and WDA in the sale. He is the other one we considered for the trip to Montana for the Midland Bull Test. His full brother last year went to a Sim-Angus herd and they are still smiling about that win. Top 5% for WW, top 10% for YW and top 1% for Milk. REA of 14.14 with a group toping IMF of 4.02.


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Lot 7
Lot 7 SXTN Payweight 2S46K.jpg


Being a Payweight 1682 son out of Wiggle 1P, it is hard to let this one go. 1P is the dam of Empire so the cow power here is off the charts. Check out his smoking EPDs… Just an April calf, he has the highest YW EPD in the sale at +121 pounds with a birthweight of just 83#. Top 20% CED & BW, top 3% WW & YW, top 10% Milk. If you need a bull to cover heifers so you can go to work all day and sleep at night, mark this one as FOUND. High IMF of 3.52. We actually wouldn’t mind if this one was a “no sale” so that we could breed him to our commercial set of heifers.


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Buyer is responsible for all transportation or shipping costs.
Bulls must be picked up within 30 days.
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