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We pride ourselves in creating cattle that are sound, functional, efficient and work for you. We understand each herd has varying needs and we work to offer you a wide selection of genetics to best complement your breeding needs.


Wiggles' Progeny

RDD Miss Ace 1P “Wiggles”

Sire: RDD Destiny’s Ace
Dam: RDD Ms Bonus L467

ACA Reg #: 304809


Embryos for Sale

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hbsc annebell.jpg
HBSC Annebell
hbsc ms wiggly 328a.jpg
HBSC Ms Wiggly
jhc mr cash 167b.jpg
JHC Mr. Cash
hbsc class act.jpg
hbsc ms blackberry 133x.jpg
HBSC Class Act
HBSC Ms Blackberry
hbsc sandra d.jpg
HBSC Sandra D
hbsc wiggle with a vue_backdrop.jpg
HBSC Wiggle With a Vue
jhc mr paid in cash 47b.jpg
JHC Mr. Paid in Cash 47B
jhc mr wiggler 571a.jpg
JHC Mr. Wiggler 571A
RDD Miss Ace 1p (Wiggles).jpg
rdd hot new wiggles 71u.jpg
RDD Hot New Wiggles 71U
sxtn empire 6s25d_2.jpg
SXTN Empire 6S25d
sxtn ripley 5s54c.jpg
SXTN Ripley 5S54C
Hot New Wiggle.jpg

RDD Hot New Wiggle 71U

Sire: RDD New Direction 1436R
Dam: RDD Wiggle 1P

ACA Reg #: 335849

Top 1% of the breed for CED & CEM!

Top 5% of the breed for BW!

Embryos for Sale

  • DCL Mr. Rattle (a NH free son of RDD New Direction 1436R)

  • HIGG Remedy 732T (MEFC Addicted x Eagle Scout)

  • Redemption (Dirty Hairy x Cookie Monster)

  • K-Kim Baseline

  • Eye Candy

  • RDD Improver

  • Exact Science

  • Monopoly

  • Eagle Scout

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rdd hot new wiggle_3.jpg
rdd hot new wiggle_5.jpg
Wiggle with a Vue.jpg

HBSC Wiggle with a Vue

Sire: Plainview Lutton E102
Dam: RDD Wiggle 1P

ACA Reg #: 353260

Top 10% of the breed for WW & YW!


Embryos for Sale

  • HIGG Remedy (MEFC Addicted x Eagle Scout)

  • Redemption (Dirty Hairy x Cookie Monster)

  • HIGG Remedy

  • JHC Yahtzee 001A

  • RDD Seven-Forty-Seven

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sld wicked wiggle.jpg

SLD Wicked Wiggle

JSUL Foxy 7098T.jpg
sull thats foxy 7098t.jpg

SULL That’s Foxy 7098T

Sire: DF Vegas
Dam: Who’s That 76J


ACA Reg #: 333188
ASA Reg #: AR43737


Mother of 2010 National Champion Shorthorn Plus Bull and 2010 Res. Champion Chianina Bull, Junior Nationals

Embryos for Sale

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RDD Ms A Train M470

(BUSHS Money Train granddaughter)

Sire: RDD A Train 
Dam: RDD Miss 874D J239 
ACA Reg #: 289434

  • Top 10% of the breed for WW & YW!

HXC Foreman.jpg

HXC Foreman

Sire: Dr. Who

Dam: Hilltop Miss Foreman E42

ACA Reg #: 320507


Embryos for Sale​

  • Rockin Stud Duck 8124U

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Miss Night Train.jpg

SLD Miss Night Train

Sire: K-Kim Baseline 80S 
Dam: HXC Foreman 41S

ACA Reg #: 347093
ASA Reg #: 320507

Embryos for Sale

  • SULL Salute

  • Redemption (Dirty Hairy x Cookie Monster)

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SXTN Empire 6S25D

Sire: BMS Excalibur
Dam: RDD Wiggles 1P
DOB: March 2016
20.3% Chi, 79.4% Angus
BW: 95
205 Day: 741

ACA Reg #: 383862

Every once in a while the stars aline and greatness comes around, SXTN Empire is a son of BMS Excalibur out of the great Wiggles 1P cow. He is an absolute beast in terms of his natural rib shape, depth of body, balance and near ideal hind leg set AND he is 20% Chi!


Leveldale Raider 520C

Sire: Saskvalley Imagine 65X
Dam: Leveldale Rosewood 606S
DOB: February 2015
Tested Free for DS, TH & PHA

ASA Reg #: 4228430

He is a product of the Rosewood family that is known and proven for producing herd bulls and high sellers. His mother serves as a donor at Leveldale and her maternal sister was the high selling cow in our production sale. This bull has lots of power and substance, while still being deep ribbed and flexible in his skeleton. 



Sire: BUSHS Unbelievable
Dam: RDD Wiggles 1P
DOB: October 2015
8.73% Chi, 91.2% Angus
BW: 79
205 Day: 669

ACA Reg #: 381594

Ripley is truly a special kind. Not only is he soggy bodied, big topped and extremely long bodied, but he has numbers that will blow you away. He currently ranks in the top 30% for 8 different economical traits in the Chianina breed. Sired by BUSHS Unbelievable and out of the great Wiggles 1P, believe it or not...this bull combines calving ease with maternal power!

American Ride.jpg

TLS American Ride

Sire: K-Kim Baseline 80S
Dam: SULL That’s Foxy 7098T
DOB: March 2010
Tested TH & PHA Free

ASA Reg #: AR50869

  • 2010 National Champion Shorthorn Plus Bull, NAILE

  • 2011 Supreme Champion Iowa State Fair FFA Bull

  • 2011 Champion Chianina Bull, Iowa State Fair

Semen $25

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Semen Available

Studers Pretender


Plainview Lutton E102


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K-Kim Baseline 80S

Sire: Studers Pretender 96th
Dam: K-Kim Mona Lisa 34L

ASA Reg #: 4121402

  • Top 10% of the breed for WW & YW!

  • The $40,000 High Seller in the 2007 Genetics in Motion XII Sale

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